Planet - Natural & Organic


Packaging and Postage

For products that are sent to storefronts and retailers, Pure Dreamwear primarily uses recyclable materials like cardboard. The cardboard is sourced from sustainably managed forests. If plastic is used, such as for a display portion of some packaging, we use recycled plastic. We aim to reduce and eventually remove all plastics from our packaging entirely by choosing alternatives.


For instance, we are switching our transit packaging bags to local Cambodia business Cleanbodia. Their packaging is made from Cassava root starch, which is bioplastic certified and made from biologically renewable sources.


Chemical Management

What are your approaches for cutting the use of hazardous chemicals?


Our fabrics are sustainably sourced from natural fibres, including linen, organic cotton, and mulberry silk. Some of our fabrics are also made from naturally derived fibres such as Lenzing’s innovative Tencel range made from wood pulp. Lenzing sources the wood for this material from sustainably managed forests. It does not source its materials from natural or ancient and endangered forests.28


We also choose fabrics that implement closed-circle systems if any solvents are used. For instance, Lenzing’s viscose production is consider a world leader in this aspect. The process has a recovery rate of more than 99 percent of the organic solvent, NMMO, which is used to dissolve the wood pulp.29


This means that the environmental impact is minimized, keeping the fabrics, land, water, and air clean and safe. Additionally, all our fabrics are non-toxic and made with non-toxic dyes.