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Silk Pillowcases

Creating opportunity with every purchase

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Create a better world

Create Opportunity

We believe fashion can be a force for good, a force for change. We believe everyone deserves to be free to dream. We can achieve this mission focusing on rescue from human trafficking, disability support, providing training and jobs, fair wages, fair work conditions, and sustainable practices. 

I drifted off in my dreams, leaving my world behind and floating into endless freedom.  Pure Dreamwear Silk Pillowcases feel so soft and dreamy, you will fall in love with every touch.

The Beauty Sleep that best Dreams are made of – Every night, you can relax on the most luxurious, silk pillowcase imaginable.  You’ll fall in love every time you fall asleep.

Recommended by leading dermatologists, sleeping on pure mulberry silk has many benefits for your skin and hair. Its natural, anti-aging properties promote hydration, improve regeneration, and reduce moisture loss. Now you can wake up with soft, hydrated skin and hair every morning.

The long, smooth fibres reduce friction to your hair, which minimises frizz, split-ends, and tangles, while also extending the life of your hairstyle, eyelashes, and extensions. Silk is soft and soothing, protecting the delicate skin around your eyes. The smooth fabric minimises wrinkles and keeps essential moisture and face serums close to the skin, so that you can nourish and restore your skin as you sleep, making the Pure Dreamwear silk pillowcase an essential part of your beauty routine.

Featuring an opulent envelope pillowcase with an elegant French seamed cuff. Both beautiful and practical, the envelope style closure allows the pillow to be gently wrapped to prevent it from sliding out when you sleep. These special features are designed perfectly for your comfort and relaxation, a dream to sleep on. 

Made ethically with Love – these silk pillowcases has been beautifully handcrafted at the Take Wing Centre, Maison Chance, providing training, employment and support for people with a disability.  Empowering them to fly with their own wings, opening a world of possibilities and futures filled with hope.