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Ethical and Sustainable

Pure Dreamwear is dedicated to creating ethical and sustainable employment. We have been collaborating with our Cambodian sewing centres which provide training and employment for vulnerable women. Inspired by the care, support and life-changing opportunities the sewing centres provided, Rob and Melissa have decided to partner with these organisations. This will provide ongoing training and employment for these women and see them empowered, their lives transformed and their futures filled with hope – to be free to dream. 



Our range will be made in Cambodia at our partner sewing centres. Our target is to get the teams trained up and to have all of our sleepwear made in Cambodia.


Pure Dreamwear is proud to align with the Fashion Revolution, a  global movement towards a fashion industry that promotes human dignity and leaves a positive impact on the earth.


Pure Dreamwear is committed to being environmentally sustainable, sourcing the finest natural fibres and utilising recycled packaging, to name a few. Pure Dreamwear does not want its off cuts to go to waste. So, we’re putting them to good use, making them into beautiful eye masks and headscarves.


Silk eye mask



Our range of sustainable fabrics include organic cotton to exotic silks. These natural fibres are luxurious and soft, making them beautiful to wear, yet durable and biodegradable.


Pure Dreamwear soars beyond the expectations of fashion. Our classic pieces are made from the finest fabrics possible and tailored into genuine garments you will treasure for years to come.