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The story behind Pure Dreamwear

A Sleepwear revolution

Melissa & Robert Taylor’s passion to see everyone free to dream, ignited the vision of Pure Dreamwear.



Our story begins

Last year, we flew to Cambodia to visit the sewing centres which provide holistic care and training for vulnerable women. Inspired by the support and life-changing opportunities the centres provided, we decided to partner with these organisations to create something beautiful that will make a positive impact on the people who make the garments, giving them a future filled with hope for generations to come.

Combining our love of art, style, and a passion to see people free to dream, we brought Pure Dreamwear to life.

Initially, part of the launch collection will be made in Cambodia at our partner sewing centres. Through education and training, we aim to have the majority of our sleepwear made in Cambodia within the next 12 months.

Would you like to join us in creating a better world? Just sleep on it.