Our Story



A Sleepwear Revolution 

Melissa & Robert Taylor’s passion is to see everyone free to dream. Inspired to create positive change after learning the impact of human trafficking in Cambodia, the vision of Pure Dreamwear was born. Melissa and Robert’s vision is to create both luxury sleepwear and opportunity.


The Story Begins 

February 2020

“Last year, we flew to Cambodia to visit the sewing centres which provide holistic care and training for vulnerable women. Inspired by the support and life-changing opportunities the centres provided, we decided to partner with these organisations to create something beautiful that will make a positive impact on the people who make the garments, giving them a future filled with hope for generations to come.

Combining our love of art, style, and a passion to see people free to dream, we brought Pure Dreamwear to life.
Initially, part of the launch collection will be made in Cambodia at our partner sewing centres. Through education and training, we aim to have the majority of our sleepwear made in Cambodia within the next 12 months”. 

Why Pure Dreamwear

We start by creating effortless silhouettes and bring them to life with the highest quality luxury fabrics. Designed with serene comfort and sophisticated style in mind, so you can be free to dream.

Each new piece is lovingly handcrafted for you, and when you purchase a piece you help create a difference. Our beautiful silhouettes and silky soft fabrics are bought to life through opportunities provided to women in need. You can sleep a little easier knowing that each item can create a new dream and a new path to someone else via our vision and partnership with Fair Sew. 

Why Fair Sew?

Fair Sew aligns with Pure Dreamwear’s commitment to ethical & sustainable practices. Pure Dreamwear aims to be a social enterprise that breaks the cycle of poverty, one of the primary causes of human trafficking. 
We can achieve this mission by collaborating with non-government organisations (NGO) sewing centres that focus on rescue, fair wages, fair work conditions, and sustainable practices. 
Fair Sew are committed to maintaining a fair workplace with equal pay and freedom of association, zero tolerance of discrimination and beyond. 
We believe fashion can be a force for good, a force for change. We believe everyone deserves to be free to dream. 
Shop Pure Dreamwear and join us in creating a better world… just sleep on it.