Purpose - Origins


   Where It Started

"When Rob and I first heard about human trafficking, we knew that we couldn't turn away. We had to do something to help. We started through art exhibitions, raising money for charities that rescue people from human trafficking . But we wanted something ongoing that could consistently support them and provide opportunities."

"When some of the charities started their vocational training and sewing centres to support the women who were rescued, we decided to collaborate. We have since expanded to work with a disability centre as well - all with a common purpose, to provide opportunity and empowerment to overcome social injustice." - Melissa, Co Founder.

The goal is to fund the amazing work of these life changing organisations and to produce garments that cared for and uplifted everyone in the supply chain, and leaves a positive impact on our earth. The result of this dream is Pure Dreamwear, a revolutionary collaboration between the leaders in ethical and sustainable fashion, positively impacting whole communities.