Planet - Energy and Water Efficiency


Energy and Water Efficiency

How do you optimise lower impact or less polluting energy sources in your processes and/or products?


We choose low impact materials. These materials are also fully biodegradable. None of our fabrics contain polyester.


A recent collection, Peace Among the Blue Gums, is made from Australian Super Cotton, which uses 4 times less water than conventional cotton. (It takes 675L of water to produce an Australian Super Cotton T shirt, compared to the global average of 2,700 L per cotton shirt). This calculation includes rainfall, irrigation water, dying and fabric offcuts.


We also choose fabrics produced by Lenzing: Lenzing Modal and Tencel Luxe. Lenzing have built their reputation on sustainable raw material sourcing, responsible handling of water, and a minimised use of fossil energy sources.

Our collections, in development, are made from linen, which is considered “one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history”. A linen shirt also uses only 6.4 litres of water over its lifetime.


We also work with small businesses that build their communities through ethical and sustainable practices. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, including working with businesses closer to our sewing centres to reduce any excess carbon emissions that would be produced by transportation. Please refer to the Natural and Organic sub section for more information on packaging.