Planet - Environmentally Friendly


Environmentally friendly materials

How do you use materials that are kind to the environment?

We use materials that are kind to the environment, including Australian Super Cotton and Naia. These fibres are grown and produced using innovative, sustainable, regenerative, circular, and closed-loop practices. Besides mulberry silk, all our fabrics are plant-based.


Pollution reduction

How do your processes help keep our air and water clean?

We prioritise materials and work with producers that implement sustainable practices that help keep our air and water clean.


This includes organically grown cotton, Australian super cotton, linen, mulberry silk, and Lenzing’s closed loop lyocell production.


We also use natural, sustainable, and fully biodegradable materials to keep the air and water clean.

“Over a third (35 percent) of all microplastics released into the world's oceans are from synthetic textiles…polyester, the major synthetic fibre, now commands a 62 percent market share and sheds on average six times more microplastic fibres than nylon.”


We do not use polyester or nylon fabric in our items.