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Recycling and waste

Are your products and/or processes reducing waste? What recycling/upcycling/circular approaches do you use?


As a sustainable startup, we make sure that as little as possible goes to waste. Our fabric offcuts are recycled, repurposed, and made into accessories, like sleep masks and eye pillows.


We use a range of materials with the goal of reducing waste in the world, including upcycled kimonos, upcycled/dead stock, and fabrics made using circular practices that minimise water usage. The items are also biodegradable, reducing long-term pollution and waste.  We avoid mass production and instead make small collections to reduce excess stock.


We choose our materials and design our sleepwear from the ground up to ensure that our sleepwear can be treasured for years. Our priorities include durability, garment engineering, training specific to the item, and the highest level of quality in the creation process.