Purpose - Benchmarks

Our Most Referenced Standards and Policies

The People and Planet sections are built on three comprehensive standards by international business networks: The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Common Objective (CO), and Fairtrade.net.


Pure Dreamwear and the organisations it works with are required to follow the principles of the ETI Base Code. Failure to comply after warning will result in terminating work with said organisation. You can find more details of our warning process under


ETI Base Code

The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code draws on the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals and the International Labour Code Conventions. You can find the complete list of these principles under the Ethics tab. We will also reference the ETI Base Code throughout the code of conduct, particularly in the People section.

Fair Trade Key Issues

In addition, we have also referred to Fairtrade’s list of key issues. We refer to these issues in the People section.


Common Objective Definitions

The framework for the Planet policy overview comes from the comprehensive sustainability definitions organised by international business network Common Objective (CO). These defintiions are referred most frequently in the Planet section.


The Suatainability Development Goals

One way we represent this positive effect is through the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of aspirations and targets agreed upon by global leaders of the United Nations in 2015.