Purpose - Due Diligence


1. Commitment to Transparency

Pure Dreamwear is committed to reporting and sharing information about its supply chains, business practices and their associated impacts on workers, communities, and the environment.

Currently, we work closely with three partner sewing centres.


    Fairsew, and

    Maison Chance.

We will also have a materials origin description on every product page, as well as information about the sewing centre that created the sleepwear. We always request to know where a fabric was grown and sourced and aim to have a fully transparent supply chain by July 2025.


2. Mitigating Risks

To reduce the likelihood of an incident involving the practices of our suppliers, we will always preform a background check on the supplier to understand their ethical and sustainable practices and policies. If their values and practices align with our own, then we will proceed to discussing working with them.


3. Reporting methods

We will report on our suppliers and partner sewing centres annually. The report will include an overview, which covers who is supplying materials and creating our items, and an impact statement, which covers the impact achieved by each organisation connected to and/or supplying Pure Dreamwear.


Each product page on our website also has a detailed description of the sewing centre that created the item. This enables consumers to track their impact and see how their choice in sleepwear has a positive impact on the world. We aim to provide a similar detailed description for the materials and their origin.


4. Confidentiality

Pure Dreamwear respects that our partner sewing centres have their own policies and procedures on confidentiality. For instance, AIM does not reveal the names and identities of workers since many have been rescued from human trafficking. Keeping them confidential keeps them safe.


Names and details of certain people and stories may be altered for confidentiality reasons, which we will note in the description or footer of the content.


5. National Standards

As a business based in Queensland, Australia, Pure Dreamwear follows the recommendations and standards set out by the Queensland and Australian Government.


This includes:

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) standards

    Product safety standards from Product Safety Australia

        Care labelling for clothing & textiles

        Nightwear for children


6. Verification of compliance

In a circumstance where the validity of a supplier’s ethical or sustainable practices is questioned, Pure Dreamwear will use third parties to validate the practices, which Pure Dreamwear will then discuss further with the supplier.


7. Feedback

We give our customers and suppliers honest and accurate information and updates in a timely manner. We encourage our customers, sewing centres, partners, retailers, and suppliers to give us feedback to help our social enterprise improve and grow.