Purpose - Traceability


Traceability Matters More Than Ever

Pure Dreamwear is committed to reporting and sharing information about its supply chains, business practices and their associated impacts on workers, communities, and the environment.


We believe that it is empowering for people to know who sews their clothes and plants the materials.


To aid with this, we have a materials origin description on every product page, as well as information about the sewing centre that created the sleepwear. We always request to know where a fabric was grown and sourced and aim to have a fully transparent supply chain by July 2025.


Manufacturers (First Tier)



AIM Is part of a larger humanitarian organisation that rescues, heals, empowers, and protects people who have been affected by human trafficking and forced labour.


They provide living wages for their employees, health and support services, a safe, equitable work environment and training and employment pathways beyond sewing. Some of the recent AIM sewing team members went on to become teachers and real estate agents.



According to Common Objective, Cambodian manufacturer, Fairsew is a leader in ethical and sustainable manufacturing in Southeast Asia.


Founder Annelise Helmy awards her staff the same work conditions and benefits typically provided In Australia.


Additional benefits include external training programs, subsidised study assistance, and membership with a local hospital to meet the health needs of workers.


Maison Chance

Maison Chance's Take Wing Centre is focused on vocational training and job creation for people living with disability. The sewing centre is one of multiple pathways available. The entire Take Wing Centre is adaptable and designed for people living with disability.


Fabric Suppliers (Second Tier)

Full Circle Fibres

As their name suggests, Full Circle Fibres is on a mission to make the circular economy the new normal. They work closely with farmers to create ethical, transparent fibre & textile supply chains.


They are a certified B Corp and a member of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council. They provided us with the Australian Super Cotton used in our Peace Among the Blue Gums collection and future collections.


Fabric Farmers (Third Tier)

Australian Super Cotton

Farmer Glenn has been perfecting the art of growing premium Australian Super Cotton on his family farm for over 35 years in St George, Queensland.

He and his family are committed to Best Management Practices (BMP), zero pesticides and one-quarter of water use compared to conventionally grown cotton.