3 Reasons to Choose Ethical and Sustainable Sleepwear

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Imagine if your sleepwear could provide life-changing training and employment for vulnerable people.

Here are 3 reasons how your pjs can make a positive difference:

1. Through fair training and employment: 

95% of garment workers are paid less than a living wage. Ethical Fashion Report, Baptist World Aid

Our partner sewing centres: Fairsew, Maison Chance, and AIM, embody everything fashion industry workers deserve. They provide holistic training, skill development and budgeting advice. These centres also pay up to 400% higher wages than the National average as well as healthcare, childcare and schooling for their children.

2. By using natural fibres and sustainable practices:  

"Synthetic fabrics release microfibres and toxic chemicals into the waterways and oceans". The Guardian

Pure Dreamwear chooses the finest natural fibres, from premium cotton to exotic silks. These natural fibres are grown using sustainable practices that are earth friendly and fully biodegradable. Our soft, Sleep-Tees, made with Australian Super Cotton, are grown with zero pesticides and one-quarter of the water of conventional cotton. So it’s better for our precious environment and for you.

3. By providing safety and an education for vulnerable children:

"In a race to the bottom to provide cheap fashion fast, children are often involved in the supply chain." Good on You

Two of our partner centres provide safe homes and schooling for street children and orphans as well as the children of the garment workers. Education powerfully breaks the cycle of poverty in vulnerable communities and reduces the risk of children being sold into slavery and forced labour.  


Together, we can create a Sleepwear Revolution with heart, one that promotes human dignity and leaves a positive impact on our earth. Each piece of Pure Dreamwear is made with care and kindness for you and the people who make our sleepwear as well the planet we all share. Consider the human cost behind fast fashion and join with us to see people empowered and futures filled with hope through ethical sleepwear. 

Where everyone can be free to dream.

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