From bedroom to calm retreat

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Imagine your bedroom as a refuge from the world, a place where you can rest, recharge and get the best possible night’s sleep. 


Let’s start with two simple changes that can make all the difference to create a relaxing bedroom and having a rejuvenating sleep that is essential for good health and well-being.


Clear and simple


One of the best ways to create a calm bedroom is to keep it clear and clutter-free. Clutter-free bedrooms reduce stress and give you space to gently unwind, free to relax and free to dream. With adequate storage, you can put away your clothes and any items that may distract you from calming your mind. This also gives the eye a place to settle and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. Special keepsakes, like photos of loved ones or beautiful things that make your heart sing, are good for the soul and need to be seen, while other things are better tucked away out of sight and out of mind.


Warm Lighting


Soft lighting is an excellent way of creating a relaxing ambiance to the bedroom and optimising your sleep cycle. The type and colour of the light is important in helping you to relax. As the sun sets, your body’s melatonin levels naturally begin to rise, helping you wind down before you go to bed. But if the artificial light in your home continues to mimic natural light even after the sun has set, your internal sleep clock can be thrown off track. Did you know that LED bulbs emit blue-tinted light like the sun? So, try to switch to a dimmer, warmer light in the evening which signals to your brain that it’s time to produce melatonin and to relax and rest.

If you like to read before bed, choose an overhead light or table lamp that provides adequate brightness. Some people like to have a night light to help lull you to sleep, or for the kids if they get up at night, indirect lighting with amber bulbs is ideal as it will help illuminate the room without disrupting your natural sleep pattern.


Follow these ideas to help you feel relaxed and have a rejuvenating night’s sleep. More sleep tips coming soon in our next Dream-Editorial.


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