Creating a warm sanctuary

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Make quality and comfort a priority

When choosing a bed and linen for your bedroom, prioritise comfort as well as function. A good quality mattress, pillow, sheets and sleepwear will make the greatest difference to your quality of sleep. We recommend natural fibres that are not only good for our precious planet but are also beneficial to your health and well-being.


Cotton and wool are natural fibres with four-season versatility that breathe naturally. This creates a cooling and drying airflow that helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Silk sleepwear, pillowcases and eye-masks are not only beautiful to wear but are naturally hypoallergenic and keep your skin hydrated, helping you to feel relaxed. There is nothing like quality bedding and sleepwear to help you feel comfortable and get the beauty rest you deserve.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Keep it cosy

Now that the cooler months have arrived, feeling warm and cosy is essential to any bedroom retreat. Fill your room with soft, rich textures through velvet fabrics, generous curtains and sumptuous throws or plush blankets to create a luxurious, cosy retreat. For a touch of romance, a bed canopy topped with metres of white voile looks like a soft cloud and creates a feeling of intimacy, decadence and warmth.

Carpet floors help create an inviting, soft surface to walk on in your bedroom, but if you have hard floors a soft, pile rug next to your bed will make getting out of bed easier. Sink your toes into the plush pile before reaching for your slippers or maybe just hop back into bed!

I hope these bedroom tips can help to make your bedroom into a tranquil place where the cares of the world can melt away, where you can sleep deeply and soundly, and where you can wake-up rejuvenated and refreshed.

Free to relax, free to dream.

Rob & Melissa.



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