Serenity Silk -Eye Mask Naturally anti-aging for the perfect beauty sleep

Posted by Rob Taylor on

The Beauty Sleep that Dreams are made of – What makes Pure Dreamwear's Serenity Sleep Eye-Masks naturally anti-aging?

They are made from the purest, mulberry silk, which is the finest silk in the world. Mulberry silk's natural anti-aging properties promote skin hydration and regeneration. Its long, smooth fibres protect the delicate skin around the eyes, minimising wrinkles. Silk also keeps essential moisture and face serums close to the skin, nourishing and restoring as you sleep, so can wake up with hydrated, soft skin every morning.

Pure Dreamwear's beautiful Serenity Silk Eye-Masks are filled with the purest mulberry silk filling, making them the softest, most luxurious eye-mask you've ever experienced.


Made with Love –this eye mask has been beautifully handcrafted at the Take Wing Centre, Maison Chance, providing training, employment and support for people with a disability.  Empowering them to fly with their own wings, opening a world of possibilities and futures filled with hope.


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