Sneak Peak: Behind the scenes of Pure Dreamwear's new collection

Posted by Rob Taylor on

Introducing our new Peace Among the Gum Trees collection

The Australian bush, just on dusk as the cool air softens the afternoon ambience. Relax into your favourite, soft chair as the breeze gently rustles the leaves. You can hear the galahs calling to one another and the finches nestling into their favourite trees. 

You take a deep breath of crisp air. The soft blue hues of the early evening sky seem to come to life. But you notice the sun’s last orange light reflect against shimmery eucalyptus leaves, a kaleidoscope of warm yellows, soft oranges, and rich reds, all framed by the soaring blues and purples above you. Nature’s masterpieces are truly unforgettable.

Eucalyptus leaves

The Peaceful Blue Gum collection encapsulates this story’s serenity, transporting you to your own Australian daydream. This collection is inspired by how unique Australia and its bushland truly is. This collection is also special to us because it aims not only to provide for those in need around the world, but also support our local farmers and businesses, the cornerstones of our country. These new designs have been created in collaboration with two spectacular Australian artists, Nicole Condon and Vanita Wahi-Lal.

We are so excited about this new range and we can't wait for the launch date.  We will keep you updated you as we continue on this creative journey for our next range of luxurious sleepwear.

Thanks so much for being a part of the sleepwear revolution, where everyone can be free to dream.


Much love Rob & Melissa.

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